Protect your Mail account from Hackers.

One day, when I opened my mail box, I saw a mail from one of my friend requesting me to transfer some money to a particular account. In that mail he wrote that during a visit to Singapore he lost his purse, card, Mobile and other valuables, and he requested me to transfer the money to particular account of a person who is helping him to come back to India.

I was shocked when I saw that mail, because one week back I met him and he did not tell anything about his Singapore trip. Just to check I called his mobile number, but he received the call and he was in India.

Then I came to know that someone hacked his mail id and sent mail to all his friends so that without knowing the facts some of his friends may transfer money to that account. 

Hackers can cheat by stealing the mail password and sending mail to friends list in mail account. If you pay money to that account, its gone. so please be careful if you receive a mail from your friend like this. Don't react to that mail without proper checking.

It is very risky to use public internet centers for checking mail or banking and credit card transaction. Google is providing mobile security to avoid such kind of hacking. By registering your mobile number you can get a confirmation code each time when you log in to the mail account. Using this kind of safety measures will safeguard us from hackers.


  1. Yes, Even they try to cheat you through chatting also.

    see this

  2. Yes, there are many such methods to cheat through email. Thanks for cautioning.

  3. A special thanks for this informative post. I definitely learned a few new things here.

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