Will you give your Mobile phone to unknown ?

While travelling, in a bus stop, in a railway station or in a market, someone who is not known to you will come and ask your mobile phone to make a call. How you will react to them? Will you give your phone or refuse to give?

You might have faced this kind of situation and you may think that nothing wrong in giving the phone and helping them even if they are unknown. But you are taking the risk by giving the phone and helping them.

Who is he/she? what problem he/she is facing, to whom he/she is calling?. They may not tell and you may not ask them also. You may think that they are reliable, but who knows, they may be acting. They may be involved in some illegal activities; they may use your phone for that illegal purpose. By giving your phone you may have to face unnecessary enquiries. So think while giving your phone to unknown person.

Yes, we have to help others when they are in problem. If you think he is in problem and you have to help him by allowing him to make a call from your mobile phone. Please just don’t give your phone, ask him/her the number and dial, first you speak with them in phone and give it to the other one who asked help from you.

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