Online Payment - Role of National Payment Corporation of India

The internet and technology made it easy for us to make the payment and fund transfer from one bank to another bank through online payment system. We can make the various bill payments, and fund transfers through internet banking instantly from one account to another account of same branch, different branch of same bank or different bank account with in the country. To build such an electronic payment system it is required bring nation wide integration and standardization of different retail payment systems.

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) was incorporated in December 2008 as a Section 25 company under Companies Act with the objective of consolidation and integration of all retail payment systems in India. State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank, Bank of Baroda, Union bank of India, Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Citibank and HSBC are the 10 promoter banks for NPCI. NPCI is working with the objective of building a world class reliable, customer friendly, simple electronic retail payment system available round the clock for the benefit of the common man across the country. 

NPCI is having a paid up capital of Rs. 100 Crores to create infrastructure of large dimension and operate on high volume resulting payment services at fraction of the present cost structure. 

Other Products and services of NPCI are:

  • National Financial Switch
  • Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)
  • Cheque Truncation System
  • Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS)
  • Aadhaar Payment Bridge System
  • Automated Clearing House
  • Rupay Card Scheme

Eco friendly product - Areca leaf plates

Areca Leaf Plate and cups are made of Areca nut Palm Leaf which is fallen naturally from Areca nut (Betel) tree. These products are economical disposable alternative for all catering occasions, saving water by eliminating the need for washing up. The products are available in different sizes and different shapes. There are various products manufactured out of Areca Leaves. Few available products are Areca Leaf round plate in sizes of 6", 8", 10", 12". Areca Leaf rectangle plates in sizes 6.5"X4.5", 8"X5". Areca Leaf Round Bowl of 4", 5".

Salient features of the products are as follows:

·         100 % natural no chemicals are used at any stage of manufacture
·         100% leak proof, resists oil and water
·         Handy and lightweight but strong enough to be used with cutlery.
·         Resistant to hot and cold
·         Suitable for hard / liquid food
·         Suitable for the freezer and the microwave
·         An economical disposable alternative for all catering occasions
·         100% Biodegradable being made from the areca leaf
·         These plates can be used even after 6 months of storage.

Eco Friendly

These plates are purely natural and having no other artificial additives or chemical ingredients so that it rocks with new trends in catering sector. It’s Natural, Eco Friendly, Bio-degradable, Disposable, Hygienic and Heat resistant to serve food. It can be used in Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Shop, Parties, Functions, Picnics, Outdoor Catering and many other applications where the plates used as "Use 'n' Throw".

Only fallen betel leaves are used in manufacturing the Plates, thus no trees are cut or harmed in the process. The Shelton of the Areca leaf cleaned and soaked in water for a particular time and later sun dried. They are then compressed to different shapes using the correspondingly shaped dies.

Areca Leaf plates have additional values after being used. Disposable plates can be good source of organic manure. They can be used as good fertilizer and enhances plant growth. They can also be used as a good animal fodder. 
These plates are commonly known as Areca Leaf Plates / Leaf Plates / Palm Leaf Plates / Bio Plates / Natural Disposable Plates / Eco friendly Bio-Degradable Dinner Plates / Kitchenware / Dinnerware.

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Trading in Stock Market - Risk and Return.

Trading in stock market is a high risk business. This may look very attractive and easy way to make money. Initially in one or two trades, with our luck this may give a good return without knowing much about the market. This success may motivate us to invest more money and make more money quickly. Investing in stock market without proper understating of the market and without the strict discipline may result in losses. Following are the few suggestions if you are interested to start trading in stock market.

Invest small amount: Initially start trading with small amount of capital of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Waite for Opportunity: Wait for the opportunity in the market. The market trend may not be suitable for trade all the time. Sometimes the market may be directionless or side way. Wait for the profitable ideas and do the trading. The intension should be to make money and not to do trading just for trading sake.

Do some homework: Before entering in to trade, analysis of the stock and the market trend is required. Any scheduled announcements or news affecting the stock should be studied. The entry point, target and stop loss should be decided before entering into trade.

Understand the risk: Understand the risk of trading in each stock. Some stocks are highly volatile and they may reverse the trend very quickly. Study of historical price movement may help in trading such stocks.

Patience makes everything: Patience is very important to trade in stock market. One should not expect all the trade should result in profits and should not hold the position all the time. Entering the trade without proper study or without waiting for the correct price level will result into losses. Taking decision under stress or emotion should be avoided.

Keep a strict stop loss: Keep a strict stop loss for your trade and exit from the trade. It may be difficult to accept the loss, but it is part of trading.

Book the profit: Book the profit when you are near to your target and wait for next opportunity.

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Be careful about the Phishing attach mail from

Yesterday i received a mail requesting me to register the bank account with NETSECURE. The contents of the Mail are given below.
From: Reserve Bank of India [] 
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2012 3:48 PM
Subject: Register Your Bank Account With NETSECURE

Dear Customer,
Reserve Bank Of India, has lunched a new online security protection, for all banks in India, to reduce fraud and theft in various banking system.

This is to enable all customer's online banking in all Indian Banks to get protected and Secured.
Reserve Bank Of India, has introduced a new online protection called,
It's mandatory that all online banking customers in all various banks in India, must update with us to get his/her online bank account secured and protected. Kindly follow the Official update website link below and select your bank to get your Account Secured and Updated.
Click on our official website below to get started.

Reserve Bank Of India
Security Team.

I receive many phishing attach mail and I will just delete that. But when I saw the sender of this mail, it was shocking. This mail was sent from The website is the website of Reserve Bank of India and the people receiving this mail may trust by seeing this id.

If we click the link provided in the mail it will go to a website which will show the list of all the banks. If we select a bank it will go to a page which will be just like the bank website and it will ask the details of username, password, mobile no. mail id, debit cards no., atm pin.etc.
This is a Phishing attach to cheat the online bank account holders. Please be careful and do not give any information or reply to this kind of mail.
Please check the certificate information of the website in the address bar of the browser before giving any information.

I immediately reported this to the RBI website and the bank. If you receive such kind of e-mails please report and share this information.

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Supermarket offers and billing.

In the era of supermarket, wherever you go in the city you can see big shopping malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets etc. etc. Don’t know whether people buy in these markets, but we can see crowd all the time.

To attract the customer they will announce the offers like discounts, gifts vouchers or cash coupons. Whatever may be the offer, we should keep in mind that no one will do the business without any profit. 

Recently one of my friends found that the billing amount was more than the MRP which was mentioned on the product. MRP was Rs. 108/- and the price charged in the bill was Rs. 120/- . This was happened in one of the BIG supermarkets and this difference was there in the bill for three, four products which was bought at that time. When asked with the staff, they corrected the bill saying that this is due to some technical problem.

Usually we will not see the bill in detail after purchase. The bill will be in meters if we buy many items. This kind of mistake can be found only if we check the bill in detail and also we don’t know whether this is really a technical problem or not. As a precaution it is always better if we check the bill in detail whenever we buy in supermarkets.

Read Terms and conditions before booking ticket

Earlier people used to stand in Q for ticket reservation in bus stop or ticket booking agents counter. Now it is very easy, with computer and internet we can book the ticket from anywhere. Since this is a festival season everyone will book the tickets well in advance and say thanks to these websites for providing such facilities.

Almost all the travel service providers are maintaining their own websites to reserve the tickets. There are some websites which are like agents and provides the option to search and reserve the tickets of many service providers. It is very important to read the terms and conditions of these service providers especially the cancellation policy and refund procedure before booking the tickets through these websites.

If you go through the terms and conditions of it says “Cancellation policy not available”.  The problem starts when you reserve the ticket  through this website and try to cancel that ticket. When I tried to cancel a ticket, they told that you can’t cancel the ticket before 48 hours from the departure time and I can’t able to cancel that ticket. When there is no standard policy, they can say anything to avoid the cancellation. You can see many such complaints if you search in the web on this.

When the ticket is cancelled the amount is refunded after deducting some amount as cancellation charges and some are giving the cash coupons instead of refund of money. These cash coupons will have the validity of 6 months to one year and can be used in next reservation.

To avoid such complications it is very important to read the terms and conditions before reserving the tickets online. 

How to disable Java in Google Chrome

Following are steps to disable the Java plugin in Google Crome installed in Windows system.

Click on the icon right side of the crome after address bar, then select settings. Expand the list in the settings tab by clicking "Show advanced settings...", then click on "Content settings" under "Privacy"

Then click on the “Disable individual plug-ins” link under " Plug-in" section and find Java in the list and click disable link.


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