Sold your vehicle.? Please check the ownership of the vehicle

After selling the old vehicle, we will not think much about the transferring the registration documents in the name of the buyer. It’s all over if we receive the agreed amount from the buyer. But just signing of transfer form will not complete the transfer formalities. The transfer should be registered with RTO. We may think that it is the responsibility of buyer and we need not do anything for that. But it is also our responsibility to see that the registration is transferred in the name of the buyer.

At the time of selling old vehicle we may search for buyer in the websites or contact brokers. The buyer will be unknown to us. If the buyer uses this vehicle for some illegal activities or he commits an accident, Police will catch the seller since the documents has not been transferred in the name of the buyer.

Therefore it is our duty to check the registration status of the sold vehicle. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highway is providing the online verification of the registration details of the vehicles. You can visit the website of Ministry of Road Transport & Highway and get the vehicle registration information by giving the vehicle Registration No. and Chasis Number. 


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